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what is a brand &
why do you need it

Socially, we as humans, connect emotionally with one another when we share stories about ourselves ; experiences, values, hopes and dreams. We deliver those stories by expressing ourselves and by doing so we are understood more by others. That in turn allows people the opportunity to connect with us. See our personality. If they resonate with what they have learnt about us, they stick around! They may even become a loyal friend.


The same goes for your business. Sharing what you offer; your achievements, goals and visual presentation. It builds a clear picture of who you are as a company. Essentially your business’ personality or what is referred to as, your Brand.


When you begin to see your business as a brand, it becomes easier for you to understand what you should be sharing in order to find your specific audience. You will have clarity on how to create brand content which resonate with and develops a strong emotional connection with this audience . Once people are connected on an emotional level, you will create meaningful engagement and attract loyal customers.

Case Study

Self assured brands have a clear understanding of the role they play in the lives of their customer. 

They share their Brand Philosophy with clarity and they know their way of doing things. A great example of a brand I have worked with, is my client, Yvonne Ellen.

Yvonne completely understands what her Brand is all about. She is what I call a self assured brand. She has complete clarity on her brand and how to communicate it. I have gathered a cross section of images she has used. Not all images are captured by me, which demonstrates how clear her visual brief is with whoever she works with to create her brand imagery.

Tip: Pop onto your Instagram and look at your favourite brands you admire. Does their imagery look consistent? Look at the different ways they may create their imagery and ask yourself why does it look consistent as a feed.

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