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This workshop is created to help you with your day to day content creation. Providing you with the tools and knowledge to create beautiful, natural-looking photos all on your mobile. The workshop will include a variety of topics, such as composition, lighting, and editing. You'll learn how to use the camera settings and different mobile apps to capture and edit photos, as well as how to use filters and presets to enhance the mood and style of your photos. We'll all discuss on the ethics of editing, such as how much editing is too much and how to maintain the authenticity of the photo. You'll learn how to create stunning lifestyle photos captured & edited all on your mobile and that encapsulates real-life moments and emotions.


 Starts: 10:30am
Where: Gather co-working space, Peak Village
Chatsworth Rd, Rowsley, Matlock DE4 JE
Tea & Coffee is available on arrival

I'll be holding 3 of these workshops throughout the month of March
16th March
22nd March
28th March

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- How to plan & capture your day to day content

- The best settings and apps to use 

Composition, Lighting & Editing

- How to remain consistent & authentic

- The confidence to capture & edit your own lifestyle imagery on your phone


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"Lauren has helped me raise the level of my visual content"


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