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your brand's philosophy 



Your mission should clearly explain the purpose behind your business. 

The first pillar to building your Brand Philosophy is your Brand Mission. This is the reason behind what you do and essentially the purpose behind your business.

A business may have been the result of a problem that was solved or passion that stems back to childhood. It could be continuing a legacy or creating one for family. It may simply be from a skill or talent that has to be shared with the world or to support your life outside of your business. It could even be a combination of the above!


A Brand Mission are the bones behind why a business started and exists. It is commitments you pledge to why you started your business. Promises made based on a particular  audience, community, or ethical motivation. 

Below are some images I captured for a brand, Pure Flourish. Their Mission is to offer natural fragrances & skincare products which focus on health and wellbeing. Hannah, the founder of Pure Flourish, loved the health benefits of being connected with nature and on her well-being journey discovered essential oils. With a new found love for gardening after understanding more about essential oils and the natural wellbeing qualities plants & flowers can provide, Pure Flourish was born.

Hannah's Brand Mission is about helping improve peoples wellbeing & mental health. She has pledged to source natural ingredients form plant, trees and flowers. Pure Flourish is also a commitment to look after her own wellbeing by learning more from her own garden.


Reflect on why you are starting or have started this business. 

  • Does it solve a problem you had 

  • You can now spend more time doing what you love

  • Provide a meaningful legacy to family

Why did you start this business? Was there a defining moment that inspired you? 

Consider if there are certain commitments you make  related to why you started your business. Perhaps there are promises you have made based on your audience, community, or ethical motivation. It should be a powerful message, with meaning to you. Remember your audience will connect better with you when you are authentic. And chances are, if you are honest, you are relatable.

Tip: If you need to explore things further in your mind, use extra paper or a note book to work through each question above until you feel you can outline your Mission in a couple of sentences.

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