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your Brand's Philosophy

A brand philosophy provides you with clear guiding principles that influence the entire workings of your business. Regardless of changes in goals, strategies, types of work or management structure, these principles are to ensure you stay true to your brand. A little like a moral compass for your business. 


Your Brand Philosophy is the belief behind not just why your brand does what it does, but why it does it in that specific way. 


First, you have to be clear on your emotions and connection to your business. In order for this connection to be genuine you have to put in the work. Discovering your brand philosophy requires an important internal dialogue into what you want for and from your business. You have to dig deep and uncover what your brand means to you and why you want to conduct your business in that manner. You are essentially creating a brand personality. 


The images to your right are communicating a story about a brand. It's a completely fictional brand I have created and I'm not going to share what it sells or its name. That's your job!


Look at these images and ask yourself what are they communicating. What emotions do you think they portray?

This exercise is about helping you to see the power in how imagery can do 90% of the communication for your brand. 


Come up with your own business name and a little paragraph of the product or service you feel fits well with these images. 

Tip: There is no right or wrong here. It doesn't matter if you resonate or not with these images. It's really just about understanding that these images gathered together make an impression and individually they tell stories, which in turn expand on that overall impression.

I'll show you mine if you show me yours!

If you fancy sharing what you came up with I'd love to see it on your instagram Stories! Plus I'll share with you what I had in mind when coming up with this brand.

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