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your brand's philosophy 



Values provide clear principles which keep us accountable and focused on what’s important.

The second pillar to building your Brand Philosophy is your Brand Values. Values provide clear principles which keep us accountable and focused on what’s important. The same goes for our business. Setting your brand values creates clarity and structure. This provides you with the tools to be consistent with your content. Setting your values can also guide your brand visually.

Anyone running a business will have common values such as ‘professional’ & ‘quality service’. The set of values you need to be outlining are more than that. Think about the details that make your brand stand out from the rest. What do you truly care about as a business.

I have used Pure Flourish as an example and have chosen 6 words associated with the brand. These are words I feel best describe what the business values.

Wellbeing  |  Nature  |  Gardening  |  Slow Living  |  Natural  |  Positive

Now if I construct them into a few sentences I will have a greater understanding what is meant by each word, and begin to find clarity in what the brand values.

Pure Flourish values a life of slow living and connecting with nature. Their products enhance your mood & inspire positive life moments, helping improve  your mental health & wellbeing .They pride themselves on using natural essential oils form plants & flowers which can be found from the garden


Choose from 5-7 words form this list below which you feel your business prides itself on.

If you can’t find the word you are looking for jot it down. Really give this some thought, as these words will help you shape your brand and the choices you make. Once you have your words, write down in a few sentences what these words refer to, just like the example I have shown you above. 

Exclusive Dramatic Brash Nurture Inquisitive

​Positivity Elegance Quality Truthful
Family Bubbly
Intelligent Light Whimsical Graceful
Caring Natural
Bright Fashionable Outgoing
Humorous Lighthearted Quiet Delicate Magical Creative
Inclusive Diverse
Community Serious Decisive

Tip:If you are struggling to choose words, write a few sentences which you feel describe what your brand values. Then look at the words you have written down and see if your can extract your 5-7 key words. It's important to have both your 5-7 words and your sentences to refer to later.

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