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Position gives you direction of where you want to take your business.

The third pillar to building your Brand Philosophy is your Brand Position.

Position gives you direction of where you want to take your business. It refers to what value your business provides to its customers. Where your business belongs in the market, for example high quality, luxury, DIY, aspirational, community, leader. By being clear on this, you can identify how you should be presenting yourself visually. 

Look at the 3 examples below. Do you see how the imagery relates in someway to the description of their position?

Hudson Home are a homeware and furniture company. Their imagery demonstrates aspirational living spaces with the use of their products. Look how their imagery takes you to small moments within a home. They are inviting you into a world which you could achieve yourself and helping you imagine living those moments.

Bec Morris is a brand & design consultant who is positioning herself as a leader. Notice how she uses a combination of imagery and graphics to showcase her knowledge. The tones and colours of her feed come across strong.

Fabulous Places is a community lead brand, sharing the most fabulous of places she has visited, as well as supporting the small businesses she shops with. Her images showcase her Markets which she organises for her like minded community, along with encouraging sentiments for the small business community she very much supports.


First outline what your success looks like for your brand. Where would you love to see your products featured. What organisations would you like to be compared to? Compare your product or service to businesses you view as successful. Where do they sit in the market, as they may give you an indication of where you should be positioning yourself?


Create a Pinterest board or Mini mood board of imagery you feel best represents where you want your brand to be positioned. Collect images from aspiring brands you follow or competitors, to help you understand visually how your imagery should look to project this position.

Like the examples to the right, every image they have shared reenforces their position in the market.

Tip: Remember these actions are designed to help you to understand the power behind your imagery. Your imagery isn't communicating just one thing and to bring that level of intelligence into your imagery, it's important to work visually and not just with words. Create a mood board which inspires you as you will be referring back to it.

Hudson Home



Bec Morris Design

Fabulous Places


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