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your brand's philosophy 



Meaning is what helps you identify the feeling you want to create.

The forth pillar to your Brand's Philosophy is your Brand's Meaning. 

Meaning can be one of the hardest pillars to put into words. It's communicating what is the meaning behind your business and what makes working with your brand a meaningful experience. Uncovering this is what will help you identify the feeling you want to create when your audience interacts with your brand. It will also play a huge part in inspiring the stories you can share with them.


Understanding the story behind why you do what you do is powerful. When you uncover the emotional side to your business, you can begin to connect with your audience authentically.

Using this collection of images below I want to demonstrate Brand Meaning and how it plays a vital part in storytelling. 

These 9 squares, similar to an instagram grid are visually telling you about a Stationery Designer. We can identify it's a female run business, most likely a small independent run by herself. She works from home juggling all aspects of her business and family life. She is relatable from a family aspect and the real life juggling act of running a small business alongside. The way in which the imagery is styled she presents all that in a way which is calm and beautiful. This provides reassurance that working with her will be the same. Her meaning behind her business comes across as passion and flexibility to spend more quality time with her young family.


What is the meaning behind your brand? What makes engaging with your brand a meaningful experience? How do you want your customer to feel when they interact with your business? What lasting impression do you want them to have?

Once you have answered the above find imagery as inspiration or to use it to express the meaningful experiences you offer. It will help guide you later on in the process. 

Tip: Notice how there are no examples of the Stationery Designers work, yet those 9 images communicated a meaningful experience which exude her style and the quality her work will most likely be.

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