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your brand's philosophy 



Identity is your brands aesthetic & personality.

The fifth and final pillar to your Brand's Philosophy is your Brand Identity. 

This is last on the list because I strongly believe your Mission, Values, Position and Meaning all contribute to understanding your Identity. This is the personality and style of your business. Your brands aesthetic, tone of voice and overall vision for your business. 

As this is the most visual part of the five pillars it only seems right to create a mood board. The mood board below consists of 10 images that strongly represent the skin care brand I have been working with. By reducing your mood board down to 10 images it requires intentional choices to be made and forms clarity around your Brand. 

This mood board will used to inspire your Brand Styling Blueprint which you'll be using every time your style & capture your brand content. Therefore it's important to keep in mind the look and feel you want for your own photography. What imagery do you aspire to have for your brand.



By now you may be starting to build a picture of your brand and how you want to present it. Look back at the work you have done and images you have collected up to now. Use this to guide you in creating your mood board. 

Start by Pinning anything you feel works, don't give it too much thought at first. Once you have gathered sufficient inspiration, edit your board down until you have 10 images you feel clearly represent your brand.

To see how I print off my mood boards click here.

Tip: Use the 5-7 Brand Value words you wrote down and have these in your mind whilst collecting imagery. A good place to start pinning may be from your Brand Position Pinterest board.

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