brand styling blueprint

Having your Brand Styling Blueprint will make planning your visual content effortless


Now you can start to build your brand styling blueprint, which you can refer to every time you plan a brand shoot.

Your brand styling blueprint contains your Brand Philosophy, Narrative Statement, Dream Customer Profile & Brand Aesthetic Mood Board.

It's really about consolidating all you have discovered into a working document. This document is what you should feel inspired by every time you refer to it. If you are hiring a photographer it's a helpful tool to explain to them what your want your imagery to look and feel like. 

I have created a template for this section, but don't feel you have to use it. It is more of a guide to understand the important points that your Blueprint should include. I would very visually, so a mood board with annotation is how I work. Remember this document will mostly be to help you create your own brand photography, so make it really easy to follow. Most of all, enjoy the process! This is about being proud of what you have built and have imagery you cannot wait to create and share.


Download the Brand Styling Blueprint template & Complete.

Tip: Really enjoy this last process.  Invest in a sketch book or pin board which is dedicated to your brand. You want this Blueprint to get you excited about styling & capturing your brand storytelling.

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