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your Dream Customer Profile

Building a profile of your dream customer can give you inspiration on how to visually communicate to them. By having a mood board that outlines a clear picture of their shopping behaviours, lifestyle and aspirations, you’ll find it easier to tailor your visual content accordingly. 

Your customer could be based on someone you know or you may have created your business around this person. It’s ok if they are fictional or even a version of yourself. Perhaps a future version of yourself, life after you have invested in the product or service you offer. Most small businesses have been created out of love for something. A passion or a problem needing to be solved. After all, you are very close to your business, so it’s bound to have an essence of yourself in there. The aim here is to get clear on the dreamiest of customers. The person who would love everything you offer.


 First jot down a brief description of your dream customer. Once you have a clear picture of them in your mind start collecting images to build your own dream customer profile mood board. The same as you created your identity board, find imagery from all different sources. Collect images you feel represents your dream customer. Choose images that visually connect to the descriptions you have jotted down. Provide yourself with as much detail as you can. The key is to build something which inspires you and resonates with your brand. If it helps, have your brand identity board nearby to see if it sparks any ideas.

Tip: If you have a range of customers, break it down into your most dreamy of customers. Perhaps you have the same gender of customer but a specific/different age range. Or maybe gender isn’t relevant and you’d like to create a few different people in mind. As long as it is clear and inspirational to you.

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