Your Brand Narrative

Now you have created your dream customer profile(s) you need to be clear on what you are communicating to them. 

Your brand narrative paints the big picture of your brand. It’s compiled of your Mission, Values, Position, Meaning & your dream customer(s). By outlining your narrative you’ll be able to clearly understand what you want to communicate to your audience to attract those dream customers. 


As mentioned before, collectively each visual brand story (aka image or video) provides a framework to communicate a deeper understanding of your business. The framework is your brand narrative, meaning each story contributes to telling your brand narrative.


Building a narrative works by gathering the important factors you have discovered whilst creating your brand philosophy and using it as a guide when creating your visual brand stories.


Each image or video is referred to as a visual brand story or story for short. Individually these stories communicate a variety of relevant information about your business. For example showcasing your product or service, behind the scenes, the day to day running of your business, seasonal offers, why your business exists.


These stories are styled and captured is a way which is cohesive with your the look & feel of your brand. This is to demonstrate to your audience you are consistent and reliable. Collectively the stories provide a framework to communicate a deeper understanding of your business. Over time you will be authentically marketing your business and attracting loyal customers.


Look through your Brand Philosophy and with your dream client in mind, write down 3 statements which outline your Brands narrative. If you have more, great! The more detail, the better it will be when you refer back to it.Pay special attention to your Mission, Values, Position and Meaning.

They will provide the bulk of your inspiration to write your narrative.

Remember you are only writing the big picture at the moment, that will

inspire and direct you when you come to capture individual images.

Tip: If it helps, imagine telling the story of your business to a friend. Let the words flow and then edit it afterwards.