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Identify your Brands Aesthetic

Your brand’s aesthetic is what will guide your styling choices when creating your visual content. In part one you outlined your brand identity and aesthetic. Now it’s about expanding on that work you have done and clearly identify your brands aesthetic. 


An aesthetic is a set of principles which refer to the assembly of colours, forms, and ideas that are present in your visual content. It’s the key to communicating emotion, intention, values, or meaning. It defines how beautiful or pleasant those experiences are. Essentially, it’s the how you make your imagery more than digital. It’s what will give your imagery feeling. 


Look at your Brand Identity Mood Board and write down the constant elements you can see. It could be a frequently used colour, certain types of objects, flowers or greenery, glitter, a similar setting or place, and the lighting. Also if you have included something on your mood board which is an absolute key representation for your brand, but it only appears once on your mood board. Make a note of it. It could be featured in your imagery or even be used as a brand identifier.

Tip:With all the work you have done up to now, it’s ok to recreate and add to your identity board. This is the time to be asking yourself these hard questions of what you want your brand to look and feel. You have to love and be proud of what you put into the world.