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be clear on your brand to uncover its stories

Your brand shows your audience that you are more than just your product or service. As mentioned before, building connection on an emotional level attracts your desired customer. 

When I say emotional, I don’t mean having a cry on Instagram Live!

Emotional connection refers to your audience resonating with the stories you share. Your imagery should express what you, as a business, are passionate about. Share your brand’s opinions & values, your mission, the difference you want to make. These stories individually and as a collective will provide clarity on who you are as a brand.


To uncover these brand stories you first need to understand your Brand. The best place to start is outlining your Brand’s Philosophy. Once you have this, creating brand stories visually will become effortless. 

Case Study

An example of emotional connection could be aspiration. The brand imagery to your right is from the beautiful homeware company, CharlesTed. Not only do they offer beautiful homeware, but they are communicating through their imagery that investing in their homeware will enable you to create an aspirational place to live. They want to attract customers who value living life within this beauty they demonstrate and therefore want to invest in their homeware. Anyone who finds themselves coming across CharlesTed will immediately know if this brand is for them or not. If they don't resonate with the imagery, they are not a dream customer for CharlesTed. Meaning CharlesTed is communicating clearly to who they want to attract and market market their business to.

Tip:Pop back to your favourite instagram brand accounts. Choose one and ask yourself how their imagery makes you feel. Why do you like this brand? What is it that you resonate with?

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