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This Lifestyle Product Photography workshop is an opportunity for you to enhance your skills and learn new techniques for capturing products in a natural and compelling way. 
In this workshop, you’ll learn how to create a lifestyle aesthetic that showcases products in a relatable and engaging way. I’ll be sharing how to style products in different settings, how to work with lighting and props, and my secret camera tricks to capture the perfect shot. 
You’ll also have the opportunity to see how I create a lifestyle scene from scratch with my favourite go to props and the intentions behind each image. Overall, this workshop is a great way to improve your skills as a small business owner and take your work to the next level.
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 Starts: 10:30am
Where: Gather co-working space, Peak Village
Chatsworth Rd, Rowsley, Matlock DE4 JE
Tea & Coffee is available on arrival

I'll be holding 3 of these workshops throughout the month of March
15th March
21st March
27th March


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- Your own intention for your product photography

- How I style a scene and capture Lifestyle product imagery

- Simple easy steps that can have a massive impact on your imagery

- Camera tricks without getting to technical

- The confidence to style & capture your own product photography


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"Lauren has helped me raise the level of my visual content"


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