5 Things I do when Planning a Brand Storytelling Shoot

I am going to share with you 5 easy but important steps I make when planning a brand shoot. When clients book a shoot with me, whether it be Pop it in the Post or Behind the Brand, they are provided with a shoot guide. Which has them thinking about their shoot and the sort of things they require from this time they have invested in.

They have a 1:1 with me, which helps me plan their shoot. I take all the information I have gathered and break it down into these 5 clear steps.

Clear Objectives

This covers the overall story you want to be telling. Understanding your companies values, your customer and what you are selling, will provide you with a clear message you want to share. From this you can form objectives your visuals must meet.

Mood Board

If you are like me and you work better visually, a mood board is a great place to start. It can help you visualise what these objectives look like and how you might communicate your story through images.

A Shot List

One step further is to then physically write down the shots you need. Look to your mood board for ideas and inspiration. Are there any images that you feel communicate the story your are trying to tell? What is happening in that picture? Could you create it somehow?

Gather Props

The best part! Looking at your mood board and going through your shot list, you'll have an idea of the sorts of items you will require to building these images. A great tip is to start shopping around your home! Look at what items you have already and what will work for the imagery you want to create. Props are a vital part of building a picture, if you feel there are some items which would get a lot of use through the process of communicating your story, then by all means invest in it.