7 Tips to getting the most out of working from home at this time.

It's the norm for many of us, but of recent it's a little different as other household members are added into the mix.

I've been working from home full time now for about 6 months, so I am fairly new to this. But I know many of my friends who also own their own businesses and work from home are dealing with all sorts of different scenarios. From self isolating from their own partner while living in the same house, to having the children to home school & entertain.

I thought I'd share some positive thoughts and suggestions to help juggle the bazaar situation we find ourselves in. ⠀⁠⠀


1. Have a Morning routine ⠀

As much as possible, try and keep to your normal daily routine. Getting dressed, making the bed and having breakfast are simple, but effective tasks to giving you a feeling of accomplishment. This is also great if you have children, kids thrive on routine, so that morning burst of productivity will hopefully set them up for the day. Which brings me nicely onto my next point, exercise.

2. Get those knees up!

My husband and I have been taking our pup, Alfie, on morning walks for our excercise. Sometimes taking it in turns so Alfie gets two outings. If you can, pop out for a walk, it does wonders for the soul! But make sure you follow COVID-19 guidelines. If you have to self isolate or can't go for a walk, open that window and breath it all in, you may even get a lovely community singsong with your amazing neighbours! And for those with ankle biters, Joe Wicks holds his PE workouts Monday to Friday at 9am. This fantastic workout is a great little extra to add into your morning routine. And with any luck tire the kids out for a bit (big kids too, I may get my husband and I on this!)

3. Make a dedicated work space⁠ ⠀

If you can't turn the spare room into a makeshift office, make your workspace an area you can hide away at the end of the day. Or dedicate a storage box and pop your files, laptop and anything else work related into it when you've finished. Just because you're working from home it doesn't mean you can't walk away from it as if you were leaving the office.⁠ Your little ones can also have their own box to put their home school bits and bobs in too.⠀

4. Finding Focus

⁠Put that mobile down!! You heard me, it's the most distracting and trust me, it eats your time! So try and find ways to give yourself a break from it. I pop mine on silent or Airplane mode and put it on charge in another room while I am working. You can also pop it in a draw or hand it over to someone else in the house who won't give it back till the time is up!

5. Take regular breaks⁠⠀

Throughout your day try to take regular breaks, even if its just to have a cuppa.⁠ I love to make, so I have created a list of little things I'd like to make with in breaks. Some are 1hr tasks others 20mins, but just gives my brain a break. After all, we are in unprecedented times, so we can make the most of this at home. Another lovely thought is to join in with your little ones activities. Pull the paints out, bake a fresh snack together or get out into your garden with them.


6. Be flexible with your working hours⁠ ⠀

Having breakfast in bed every morning would be a treat, if I could convince the husband! But the real point is, don't pressure yourself too much. At the moment, things are probably slightly different to what you are used to. Get up late but then work a little later. Work while the kids are then make family time in the afternoon, spend the whole day with your little ones and work in the evenings. ⁠Enjoy not having to stick to the 9-5 (unless the boss says otherwise, of course). ⁠⠀

7. Keep in touch

My brother informed the other day that his work colleagues all log online for a Morning meet at 9:30 and then play along to BBC 2's PopMaster. This is a lovely way to keep in touch with your colleagues and keep up moral. My creative friends and I always meet once a month outside of our homes to give us a break from working alone. Now with the Lockdown, we have decided to still have our meet, but online. Across the world people are finding a new fondness for the video call. If you don't have a team of peeps to call, arrange a chat with a friend or family member. I love having a coffee and FaceTime with my mum.

I do hope these little suggestions help during this time. We are in unforeseen circumstances. So do be patient with yourself and those you live with. Most of all, be safe and well.

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