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Four App's for sharing your images beautifully

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

As you know, it’s so important what we put out into the world when it's representing our brand. So why, after all the thought you put into your brand, would you not take the time to share your images with pride. Time and time again I see so many not using their imagery to it’s full potential. Therefore, I am going to share four of my favourite Apps I love to use to use, edit and share my images.


Dropbox is a Cloud based software, where you can pop your image and file into wherever you are on any device. When you receive images from your photographer, download stock images or capture your own, saving them in one handy place saves time. It's a great way of getting your gorgeous new images onto your phone and straight on your social media!


Adobe Lightroom is both a software for your computer as well as your phone. The App simplifies the software, making it so easy to use and edit your images on the go. To keep your social media images consistent, it helps to edit each photo before sharing.


If you want to add cute quotes to your images or create flawless Story images, Wordswag is your best friend. This app is literally like having a graphic designer in your pocket! It helps you crop your images to the correct size for your social media post, before you start overlaying your text. Choose from a wide variety of fonts, colour ways and it also suggests lovely quotes & captions to go with your images.


It's my Instagram best friend! You can plan, not only the look of your grid, but write your posts, add lists of your hashtags and choose which you wish to add to your post, and schedule them. So you can have that well deserved G&T on Friday night knowing your next few posts are sorted!

Take a moment to download these apps and spend some time getting to grips with them. Make some time to plan how you are going to use your images and think about ways you can make the most of them to tell your story.

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