T & C'S

- Complete the workshop within 1 week (set aside at least one day to work through it)
(Access will only be available from the 10th Sep to midnight 18th Sep)

- A feedback form will be sent to you along with your access password.
The form will need to be completed and returned by the 18th Sep at the latest 

- This workshop is still a working progress and your feedback will mean amendments made be made.

- Payment is to ensure you take this agreement seriously and to cover some of the cost of sharing this information before selling it at its full price.

-Refunds are not available. If you can no longer commit to the terms above, please inform me at hello@bylaurenbarber.com

- This workshop is the intellectual property of By Lauren Barber trading as OhLaDeDah Ltd. It is not to be shared, copied, sold on or used as your own.