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Visual Storytelling
for your Creative Businesses


Brand Photography//:
Intentional imagery that communicates what a business offers its customers. Evoking an emotional connection with the viewer, stimulating the senses and inviting a specific audience to engage. 


Lauren styles & captures lifestyle imagery for small creative businesses. Being self taught, and with over four years experience creating beautiful engaging photography for her clients, Lauren understands what it takes to adapt and learn how to capture products in this online & competitive retail world.

Curate your way

 their words

"totally captured
the essence of the brand"

As a growing brand our product photography and imagery is extremely important to us so we wanted to work with someone who was experienced and could capture our brand in a beautiful way. 
We were so thrilled when we received our first set of images from Lauren as they totally captured the essence of the brand. 
Each image was so well considered and gave us the opportunity to share with our customers exactly how our products could be used and enjoyed. 
Lauren is extremely well organised and asks all the right questions from the outset so that we ultimately receive exactly what we are looking for.
It is particularly nice to work with such a creative photographer who is not only good at taking high quality images but can also style each shot without needing too much guidance.
Lauren’s images make each and every piece we send look even more beautiful and engaging - perfect for our social media, website and mail outs.
We look forward to working on many more shoots with Lauren and can’t wait to see the results every time


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