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Create your own Moodboard Toolbox

I find it so more creatively inspiring to print my Pinterest boards off and pin them to a board. It's not something I encourage doing often, as it's important to reduce the amount of paper we use. However, creating a moodboard to inspire your brand shoot can really help you lift those ideas off the page and start to reimagine how you are going to bring your stories to life.

My top tips to printing your Pinterest images:

- Screen grab your images on the largest view possible

- Drop you images into Photoshop or a Word doc. and prepare to print

- Use the matt photo paper to have quality imagery

- Investing if inspirational magazines or books are also great to have on hand and you can either scan or photo the images you want to use and print in the same way.

- The gold scissors are my favourite to use and help to cut the images out neatly

- I love the neutral linen mood board to help my images stand out

Here is my go to Moodboard toolbox and it always makes me enjoy to process so much more.

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