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What is Visual Brand Storytelling

Today the online shopper needs to resonate with a company before they invest. Over the years consumers have begun to shop more with their ethics and values in mind. It’s not enough to post pretty pictures of your business and hope for the best! There has to be real substance behind those images.

In order to provide a tangible insight into your business and its values you need to visually tell your brand story, or what I like to call Visual Brand Storytelling.

My client CharlesTed

This type of visual content is intentionally styled to attract your dream audience. Capturing relatable moments that connect to their own personal aspirations & values. Each image or video is referred to as a visual brand story or story for short. Individually these stories communicate a variety of relevant information about your business. For example showcasing your product or service, behind the scenes, the day to day running of your business, seasonal offers, why your business exists.

These stories are styled and captured in a way which is cohesive with the look & feel of your brand. This is to demonstrate to your audience you are consistent and reliable.

Collectively the stories provide a framework to communicate a deeper understanding of your business. Which over time you will be authentically marketing your business and attracting loyal customers.

Visual Brand Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools for your business, especially when marketing on Instagram.

Hudson Home is a prime example of a company who produces beautiful brand storytelling imagery. Pop over to their Instagram feed for a closer look.

In my first mini workshop I will take you through how to discover your own Brand and its visual stories. I'll also provide you with the tools to create a Brand Styling Blueprint. This will give you clear direction on how to style your Brand Stories with consistency and inspire you with fresh relevant content ideas. Join the waitlist to be the first to purchase the first mini workshop of the series and get exclusive early bird offers too! The Workshop launches this September!

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